Yoda Cupcakes

Make your own Master Yoda cupcakes by using a simple stencil or cookie cutter to make a whole bunch for your Star Wars party.
Star Wars parties aren’t complete without him. May the Force be with you!



Yoda Cupcakes



Star Wars Cookie Cutters
Yoda and More Star Wars Cookie Cutters

An easy idea is to also use cookie cutters and simply cut out your Yodas from a sugar cookie recipe and then frost those in green! Add the facial features if desired or leave them as they are. Either way, they will be a big hit at your party. Who doesn’t love little Yoda?

Yoda Cupcakes

Here’s an unfinished Yoda above. I wasn’t too sure if I liked the “drawn on look” so I just left one plain.


Yoda Cupcakes & Topper Decorations





Supplies Needed for these Cupcakes

* Green fondant
* Black food writer
* Stencil, photo or Yoda cookie cutter
* Frosting tip #1A by Wilton


You can make these easily with some advanced planning. You do need a stencil or if you can then freehand Yoda. I used an image and just outlined it on wax paper and then cut the image in pieces so I can trace the facial features onto the green fondant with the black food writer.

Yoda Cupcakes

It might be much easier to use a cookie cutter and then you can just stamp out your Yodas and then place them on your cupcakes.

It’s much faster and they look a lot neater too! But if you are feeling inspired and love to trace then go for it!



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