Vampire Cupcakes

Find your favorite vampire cupcakes below and get ready to decorate for Halloween or a special vampire themed birthday party or event.

Have some fun with it and go crazy since vampires seem to be all the rage lately. They never really go out of style do they?

Vampire Cupcake Ideas

Vampire Cupcakes

Cupcake Decorating Supplies

  • Red and white fondant
  • White Frosting
  • Black Frosting
  • Light Agave Nectar or Corn Syrup
  • Red icing gel

These were made easily with fondant. First, you need to find a good template or something that you can trace from. This one was made using a vampire mouth image that I printed out and traced and cut.

Once you have your template ready, roll out your red fondant to form the lips. Place the template over it and cut using a carving tool.


When using red or dark fondants you should try to protect your surface because they can stain, especially if your counter or surface is a light color!

Do the same thing with the fangs using white fondant. Once you are finished place your red lips over the fangs to complete the mouth.

Frost your cupcake white and add a dollop of black frosting over the area where your lips will sit. You want the inner lips to sit over the black frosting so it stands out better.

Vampire Cupcakes

Sit your vampire lips right on top of the black frosting. It should easily cover the entire black frosted area and if it doesn’t get a knife and remove whatever is sticking out.

Making Edible Blood

Lastly, use the agave nectar and mix with red icing gel to make it look like blood. Word of warning, this can stain so be careful! Use it to add a glossy look to the lips on these cupcakes and add it to to fangs or other parts of the cupcake as desired.

Cute Pale Vampire Cupcake

Pale Vampire Cupcakes

How to Make This Pale Vampire Cupcake

  • White Frosting
  • Fake, edible blood (see instructions above)
  • Black Frosting
  • Wilton round tip #3
  • White fondant

This cute vampire cupcake was made by frosting the cupcake white. Use round tip #3 to draw on his widow’s peak in black as well as his eyes, nose and mouth. Use the white fondant to cut out a pair of fangs and place them in the right spot. Use the recipe above to make edible fake blood and add as desired and you are done!

Bite Mark Cupcakes

Bite Mark Vampire Cupcakes

These are super easy to make and don’t require anything other than white frosting and the fake, edible blood (see recipe above).

Frost the cupcakes white then add a puncture wound to either side of the cupcake. Pour some fake, edible blood over the fake bite marks to make it look more real.

Cute Vampire Cupcakes Mix

Vampire Cupcakes

More Fun Supplies for a Vampire Party

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