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Cute Turkey Cupcakes

Get ready to make some delish Thanksgiving turkey cupcakes for your next fun holiday dinner. If you enjoy Thanksgiving and want a fun dessert to add to your table then see the top cuties below and pick one to gobble up!



Decorating Turkey Cupcakes for Thanksgiving

Turkey Cupcakes

What You Need

  • Chocolate Covered Mint Cookies
  • Your choice of frosting / brown icing gel was added to white to make tan shown
  • Tootsie Rolls (for turkey head)
  • Gumdrops (for turkey feathers)
  • White chocolate chips (for beak)
  • Black frosting (for eyes)
  • Red frosting for legs
  • Wilton Frosting tip #5

These turkey cupcakes were a lot of fun to make and super easy after you get all ingredients together. You can do this with the kids and they’ll have a blast decorating their own.

First, you need to frost your cupcakes in whatever color. The one used here was a light brown. I added a bit of brown icing gel to white to make this color.

Place your chocolate mint cookie (or similar) onto your cupcake. Grab a tootsie roll and mold it a little to make it look smooth and slightly shorter. Next, place the white chocolate chip where the beak should go.

Use a frosting tip (#5 is good) to dot the black of his eye and use the same tip for the red frosting to make the turkey’s feet.

All that’s left is to add the gumdrops in your favorite colors!

Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

Turkey Cupcakes

Cupcake Decorating Supplies Needed/Tips to Make It

  • Orange frosting
  • Red, dark brown and medium brown fondant (for body and feathers)
  • Black fondant (for pilgrim hat), white fondant (for buckle), yellow fondant (beak)
  • Red Frosting (for turkey feet and or wattle)
  • White frosting (eye) and Black frosting (black of eye)
  • Wilton frosting tip #5
  • Fondant cutting tool

This one uses quite a lot of fondant but it came out pretty cute. You just need to have a good template to work with and then your supplies. A cutting tool or a knife is a must.

To make it easy, put this together before placing it on your cupcake. This way if you make mistakes it’s easy to fix.

Find a cute template you like of your turkey. You can even make a little sketch and then simply cut it out. Place it on your fondant and trim.

Layer each piece over the bigger one until you have the complete turkey body.

Cut a small triangle out to make the turkey beak and stick in place. Use frosting tip #5 to dot on the white of eye and then use same tip for black to finish the eye.

Take your red frosting with same tip #5 and frost on the feet. You can also use this to make the turkey wattle (under the beak) instead of using red fondant if desired.

To make the little pilgrim hat for him, just cut a small box shape and a thinner rectangle and piece them together. Make it slightly bigger at the bottom to look more realistic. Cut a small square for the buckle out of white fondant and cut out the inside as well. Place on the turkey’s head.

Fat Turkey Cupcakes

Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

Cupcake Decorating Supplies Needed

  • White frosting
  • Candy Corn (for feathers)
  • Chocolate Mint Cookies (for body)
  • Yellow fondant (for beak) and white fondant (optional for collar)
  • Black Frosting (eyes)
  • Red Frosting (legs)
  • Tootsie Rolls (for head)
  • Frosting Tip #5

To make this one, place your mint cookie onto a frosted cupcake. Take half of a Tootsie Roll and smoosh into a roundish ball shape. Add to your cookie where the turkey head goes.

Add candy corn to outer portion of cookie to pose as the feathers. Next, take black frosting and dot the eyes with Wilton tip #5. Use the same tip to frost on the red legs.

Use the yellow fondant, roll it out and cut out a small triangle. You can also substitute the fondant for something else like yellow Starburst.

To make the collar on the turkey roll out some white fondant and cut 2 small trianges and place as shown.

Skinny Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

Cupcake Decorating Supplies Needed

  • Medium Brown fondant and Dark brown fondant
  • White frosting and black (eyes)
  • Red frosting (turkey wattle and legs)
  • Yellow fondant (for beak)
  • Wilton Tip #5

Carve out a turkey body from fondant using a fondant carving tool or an exacto knife. Place on your cupcake. Add the beak out of yellow fondant (cut a small triangle). Next, use the white frosting with tip #5 to frost the eye and use the same tip in black to finish it.

Use tip #5 to also frost on the red turkey legs and the turkey wattle. Frost the white design on turkey feathers using same tip.

Chocolate Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

Tips to Make It

  • Chocolate frosting
  • Chocolate cookie
  • White and black frosting (for eyes)
  • Candy corn (for feathers)
  • Wilton tip #5

Frost your cupcakes in chocolate and then cut a cookie in half and place at the front part of the cupcake. Add the candy corn as a beak and then add more to the back to pose as feathers.

Dot on the white frosting and then black for the turkey eyes with tip #5.

The Turkey Leg

Thanksgiving Turkey Leg Cupcakes

Tips to Make It

  • Chocolate frosting
  • Brown Fondant
  • White Fondant (for bone)
  • Small leaf shaped cookie cutter

Cut out the brown fondant in a turkey leg shape. You can use a leaf shaped cookie cutter if desired and then trim it to make the rounded/curved look on one end.

Roll out white fondant and cut a heart shape with a thin strip below it and attach to your turkey leg. Place on your cupcake!

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