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Thanksgiving Dinner Cupcakes

Submitted by: Sonja Branham

Thanksgiving Dinner Cupcakes


All cupcakes regular yellow cupcake mix, with vanilla frosting.
Starting with the Broccoli Casserole. Add yellow food dye to the white
frosting, take 4 lime flavored tootsie rolls, split half way up, with
a dab of green frosting on the top and roll the top in green sprinkle
dots for the “top of the broccoli” the finishing touch on the caserole
is the graham crackers to give it the ritz cracker look.


Next is the mash potatoe cupcake. Regular white frosting, a yellow starburst, and caramel sauce for the “gravy”. Moving on to the cranberry cupcake, it’s the white frostings with craisins on top.

To the next cupcake, the “corn”, white frosting and the bottom’s of candy corns,
Finally the TURKEY! 3 cupcakes places together and the top half of another to
make the turkey plump. Start with the white frosting binding all the
cupcakes together, warm caramel squares together and roll out to smooth
the carmel. Then place over the top of the cupcakes for the turkey
skin. The turkey legs are carmels and bread sticks with frosting on
the tip!

The stuffing is made of crushed up corn flakes and frosting
with green sprinkle dots, The lettuce is whole corn flakes with green
frosting. Enjoy!!

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