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Sweet 16 Cupcakes

Do you want to learn how to make some easy Sweet 16 cupcakes? Here’s a simple way to make some little fondant tiaras for either a princess party, quinceañera or a special sweet sixteen birthday party.



Sweet 16 Cupcakes



How to Make Sweet 16 or Tiara Cupcakes



You’ll need:

* Fondant in your chosen color
* Sugar pearls (for the tips of tiara- optional)
* Fondant cutting tool
* A small drawing of a tiara of your choice (sized for a cupcake)

These were incredibly simple to make. I do wish, however, that the tiaras came out a little better. Test out your drawings by curving them to make sure they’ll look nice from the front.

fondant tiaras

First, to make these I searched for a drawing of a tiara that I liked and sized it to make sure it would fit a cupcake and then printed it out. Trace it onto some wax paper and then cut that out and use as your template. You can even sketch your own if you like.

Next, roll out the pink fondant and then use a carving tool as well as the tiara cutout from the wax paper to cut out your shape. After you are done, remove the wax paper. Add your embellishments (simply press them in), I used sugar pearls here but you can use another edible item to decorate them as you see fit.

Next, let them dry out for a day on a curved item that will help them hold their shape. Once they are dry, decorate your cupcakes and then top them off with your tiaras!



Sweet 16 cupcakes 1



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