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Star Wars Wookie Cupcakes

I couldn’t decide if these were going to be Wookie cupcakes or wolfman cupcakes! For now, I’m going with the wookie Chewbacca.
Find out how to make these critters further down.



Chewbacca Wookie Cupcakes


Wookie Cupcakes 




How to Make the Chewbacca Cupcake



What You Need:
* Grass frosting tip #233
* Light brown and dark brown frosting
* Black frosting
* Black fondant and gray fondant (for Chewbacca’s belt and his nose)
* White fondant (for teeth)
* Small leaf shaped cookie cutter (to cut out teeth)

Frost the cupcakes with the darker brown frosting using tip #233. Next, take the lighter brown frosting and then partially cover the cupcake (as shown).

Lastly, take the darker brown frosting once more (with tip #233) and make the eye area. You will only need a small amount for this. Then with a small, round frosting tip (I used #3 Wilton) dot the black part of the eyes on the wookie.

Roll out your black fondant and cut the small nose shape and place on cupcakes. The shape sort of looks like a small gumdrop. Take the white fondant and carve out the fangs or make it easy and use a small leaf shaped cookie cutter to cut them out and then place as desired.

To make Chewbacca’s belt, I rolled out black fondant and cut a long piece and then cut out smaller pieces of small, gray squares and then placed them on the black fondant! Add to your cupcakes and voila! You’re done with the Mini Wookies!





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