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Star Wars Cupcake Topper

Do you need some Star Wars Cupcake Topper Ideas? Here’s an easy way to create a Princess Leia themed cupcake that will go over well at any Star Wars Party. Combine it with some others (more to come soon!) to create a fun display.

How to Make The Princess Leia Cupcake

Princess Leia Cupcakes

What You Need

* Cream cheese frosting
* Black frosting (hair)
* Black fondant (eyes)
* Red frosting (for her lips)
* Wilton’s frosting tip # 5 or another small round tip (for the hair)
* Oreo cookies (or similar)
* Round fondant cutter or small, round frosting tip

These cupcakes were inspired by these over at Just Jenn Recipes, take a look, they’re so cute!

Once you’re cupcakes are frosted, pipe on Princess Leia’s famous hair, parted in the middle, or you can get a bit more creative if you want to!

Princess Leia Costume Ideas

After you’ve piped on the “hair” then add the Oreo cookies on either side of the cupcake. To make these, I didn’t want to weigh the cupcake down too much so I broke 1 in half. Do whatever works for you and is easiest.

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star wars cupcake stencils

Next, roll out a small amount of black fondant and then use a round, fondant cutter to cut out the two eyes. As another option, you can also pipe on the eyes with the same frosting tip #5.

After you’ve done the eyes, take your red fondant and then use a fondant cutter or clean exacto knife and cut out a small heart shape or whatever shape you desire to use! You can also use mini heart quins for the lips so you don’t have to worry about using any fondant. Have fun and enjoy them!

princess leia cupcakes

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