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Spiderman Cupcakes

Find some Spiderman Cupcakes and Decorating Ideas below to prepare for your Spiderman themed party. Have fun and let them eat cupcakes!

Spiderman Cupcakes


This one was easy to make. You can make a whole bunch of radioactive Spiderman Decorations by simply frosting your cupcake in blue. I used royal blue icing gel to color the frosting. Frosting tip #4 was used to draw on the spider and its legs. I traced the body and then blended it with a small frosting tool.

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The Spiderman Mask Cupcake

Spiderman Mask Cupcake

How to Make It

You will need:
* White Fondant (for the eyes)
* Red Frosting (for base)
* Black frosting or icing gel (for spiderweb)
* Wilton’s Tip #4

Frost cupcake base in red and pipe on the spiderweb using Wilton’s tip #4. Hunt for Some Mmore Fun Toppers. Next, make a small template for the eyes to help you trace them out, or use a small cookie cutter in the desired shape. Use your template to cut out the eyes from the white fondant! Place them on your cupcake and you’re done.

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Spiderman Cupcake- Black Spider


Spiderman Masks and Favors


Spiderman Masks and Favors
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Spiderman Mask Cupcake


spiderman cupcake face mask


How to Make It

You’ll Need:
* Blue Frosting
* Large Round Frosting Tip
* Red and White Fondant
* Black Food writer


To make the fondant Spiderman, you need to roll out the red fondant and use a round, small cookie cutter to cut out the ‘Spidey’ face shape. Search for “Spidey” cupcake decorations. Use a rolling pin to flatten and extend it to form the oval shape. Use the black food writer to draw on the spider web. Cut out Spiderman’s eyes from the white fondant and press onto your mask. For the eyes a made a small sketch of them and then transferred onto wax paper and then used as a template.

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Spiderman Cupcakes


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Spiderman Cupcakes Collection

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