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Poodle Cupcake Toppers and Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Do you need some super cute poodle cupcake toppers?

Find some cupcake decorations and ideas below and learn how to make a poodle cupcake using frosting, toppers, rings or edible decorations.
You can make your own homemade cupcakes for that special party and have fun doing it too!

Decorating Cupcakes that Look Like Poodles


Poodle Cupcakes

To Make These Cupcakes

These are very easy and fun to make too. Here is what you will need:

    Mini marshmallows (in either pink or white)
    Black icing (for eyes) and mouth ( or black M & M’s)
    Red icing for tongue (or red M & M’s)
    Wilton Tip #2 used for eyes
    Wilton Tip #3 used for tongue and bow

How to Make These Easy Poodle Cupcakes

Poodle cupcakes

Frost the cupcake in white or pink and then use the marshmallows to form the poodle’s fur or “curls” on his head. Next add your eyes and nose.

Then add the tongue with either your candy substitute or icing! Use the Wilton tip to make the bow on your poodle if desired.

Using candy is probably a lot quicker and you will have to use fewer supplies.


Poodle Cupcake Toppers-Printable Ideas

Poodle cupcake toppers

If you want you can also create your own unique cupcake toppers….

You will need the following supplies:

    A scalloped craft punch 1 and 1/2″
    A round craft punch 2″
    Colored paper in pink and plain white
    Clipart pictures of your choice



Note: You don’t even need to purchase the round punch if you do not want to.

I bought one that was too large so I ended up cutting my own circles (as you can tell)! Some are not exactly perfect but I wanted to finish them for you to see.

You could also cut squares if you want. Just find something in the shape you want and then trace.


Poodle cupcake toppers



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