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Monkey Cupcakes

Do you need ideas to make some cute monkey cupcakes for a monkey themed birthday party?

View some of the designs below and pick the one that you think will look the best for yor special party.

Sock Monkey Themed Cupcakes

Sock Monkey Cupcakes

Cupcake Decorating Supplies Needed

  • White Frosting
  • Brown icing gel
  • Red frosting
  • Black frosting
  • Raisins
  • Wilton frosting tip #1 or #3
  • Miniature chocolate chip cookies

Add brown icing gel to your white frosting and mix well and frost your cupcakes. Draw on your monkey’s face using frosting tip # 1 or #3, you might want to use the #3 because it’s just easier and it might look better to have it thicker. These were made using #1. Add you raisins to make the eyes of the monkey.

Draw on your monkey’s nose using black frosting and then use your red frosting for the mouth! Cut a miniature chocolate chip cookie in half and add some frosting to the edge and attach it to the cupcake.

Cute Monkey Themed Cupcakes

Monkey Cupcakes

Cupcake Decorating Supplies Needed

  • Coconut Pecan Frosting
  • White Frosting
  • Black Frosting
  • Frosting tip # 3 and #12
  • Vanilla wafers

Frost cupcakes using the pecan frosting. Cut one vanilla wafer in half and add each to either side of the cupcake to make the ears. Add one vanilla wafer to form the mouth area. Use frosting tip #12 in white to form the white part of the monkey’s eyes and use tip #3 with black frosting for the inner eye.

Draw on the nostrils and the mouth in whatever shape you want. You can use circles or half smiles to make different expressions which will look cute when they are bunched together. You can also do the same with the eyes to make them look upward or to the sides for fun.

Monkey Cupcakes from Fondant- Curious George

Curious George Cupcake

This monkey was made using fondant. I wanted to make him look like Curious George but he kind of looks like the monkey Abu from Aladdin. You will need white fondant and brown icing gel as well as black frosting and coconut pecan frosting.

Mix some of the brown gel with white fondant to color the skin of the monkey. You can make it as light or dark as desired. For this one, I used a Curious George picture as inspiration to make it. Cut out the 2 eyes using fondant with round punches.

As a tip you can also use the other side of a frosting tip as a cutter, all you need to do is stretch them out to make them a little longer!

Use tip #3 to fill in the eyes and draw on his nose and his mouth.

Pink Monkey Cupcakes

Monkey with Banana

This monkey was made using the other side of the frosting tips (as a cutter). The two eyes and ears were punched out using the other side of frosting tip and the mouth was made using a medium round cutter. The whole head was made using dark brown fondant and a large round cutter. Use black frosting with tip #3 to draw in the eyes and mouth.

I also made a little banana with yellow fondant!

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