Homemade Halloween Cupcakes & Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Do you need to make some creepy, crawly or spooky Halloween cupcakes for your big party? View the cupcake ideas below and get ready to make your own creepy version.

Do you have some cute Halloween Cupcakes to share? Please do share them with us and I’ll add them to the collection.

Cute Mummy Cupcakes

Mummy Cupcakes

by Wendy Marquis (Santee, CA) How to Make Mummy Cupcakes I made these super cute and easy mummy cupcakes for […] More Details

Cute and Easy Bat Cupcakes

Bat Cupcakes

Make some super cute bat cupcakes for Halloween this year. View the ideas below and create your own or share […] More Details

Decorating Ideas for Monster Cupcakes

Pink Three Eyed Monster Cupcake

Monster cupcakes are perfect for a Halloween or monster theme party for kids or adults. You can make them however […] More Details

Zombie Cupcakes

Zombie Graveyard Cupcake

Learn how to make zombie cupcakes for any special Halloween party or a themed birthday bash with creepy, scary zombies. […] More Details

Cute and Creepy Spider Cupcakes

Green Spider Cupcakes

Make a batch of spider cupcakes. If you know someone who just loves spiders, then throw them a spider themed […] More Details

Vampire Cupcakes

Bite Mark Vampire Cupcakes

Find your favorite vampire cupcakes below and get ready to decorate for Halloween or a special vampire themed birthday party […] More Details

Skull Cupcakes

Day of the Dead Skull Cupcake

View the homemade skull cupcakes to get some ideas to make your own for your next skull/pirate or Dia de […] More Details