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Flower Birthday Cupcakes

Submitted by: Sarah Dennis

Flower Birthday Cupcakes-Poinsettias



I found the inspiration for these flower cupcakes through the Hello Cupcake!
book series. I loved the cupcakes and thought they would make a
great birthday treat for my sister’s spring birthday dinner.

These cupcakes took a while, but were a big hit at her dinner!

To make these flower birthday cupcakes, first we baked and cooled the cupcakes. While they were finishing, we started on the flower petals. I solicited the help of my fiance for these cupcakes. He sliced mini marshmallows in half diagonally. I had poured red and green sprinkles into separate bowls. After he sliced the marshmallows, I stuck the sticky side down in the sprinkles.



Flower Birthday Cupcakes



The marshmallows will want to curl in somewhat so I had to slightly
pull them apart as I put them down in the sprinkles. It took quite a
while, because we used about 20-30 petals for each flower.

After the cupcakes had cooled, I iced them and began to arrange the
petals. I started in the center and began placing them, slowly working
out onto the edges.

These cupcakes took a while to make, but were well worth the work!
They would make a great springy treat. I ended up doing red and green
as those were the sprinkles I could find at the grocery, though
springier colors would be even better. After making them, though, I
realized the red ones could work as a poinsettia for Christmas time!


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