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Cute & Girlie Owl Cupcakes

by Melanie Colbert

I made three dozen of these cupcakes for my daughter’s 6th birthday. We found some cute owl themed party supplies, so that was my inspiration for making these (and the fact that I spent $70 on cupcakes last year)! This was my first attempt at “decorating”, so I spent lots of time on the internet gathering ideas and tips.

I decided to go with fondant for the decorations since I have no experience decorating with icing and was afraid they would end up a goopy mess! That was also my first time using fondant, so it took some practice. I made the owls and flowers a few days ahead of time so they had time to dry and harden.

I tried many icing tips to get the look I wanted. Many people use the Wilton 1M, but I ended up using the Ateco 855 because I LOVE the huge swirls that can be made.

I followed the Sprinkles Strawberry Cupcake Recipe to make 2 dozen of the cupcakes, and made another dozen of just white cupcakes for the non-strawberry lovers. Then topped them all off with a whipped vanilla frosting!

These little cupcakes were a huge hit with the kiddos and the adults and the best part was they thought that I had them made by a professional!

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