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Baseball Cupcakes

Baseball Cupcakes on "sand"

Here is where you will find tons of ideas for baseball cupcakes.

Below are a few combinations you might like to make one day for a baseball theme party.


Picks and toppers are made easily with fondant or you can also substitute for candies or chocolates. Have fun!





Fondant Baseball Toppers


Fondant Baseball Cupcakes



Baseball Field Cupcakes



Baseball Field Cupcakes

How to Make Them



You need:

* Flat, Green licorice
* White fondant (bases)
* Vanilla Wafers (for the sand)
* White or light colored frosting


To make these, you need to first frost the cupcakes in either white or a light colored frosting. Next, take your Vanilla wafer cookies and crush them up to a fine, sandy consistency. I used a rolling pin to crush these.

Dip your cupcakes into the crushed cookies until covered completely. Next, cut the licorice into squares and place onto the cupcake to give it the diamond field look. Lastly, roll out the white fondant and then cut 4 small squares for first, second, third base as well as the pitcher’s mound. Then cut a pentagon for home plate!

Add a small amount of frosting to the middle for the pitcher’s mound and then sprinkle on some crushed cookie and then place one of the squares in the middle to finish. Add the remaining bases until complete.







Decorating Ideas for Baseball Cupcakes


Baseball Cupcakes

How to Make Them


You will need:
*Vanilla Wafers (crush to make sand texture)
* White frosting
* Fondant in red, brown and white (hat and baseball bats and baseball)
* Small baseball hat mold and bat mold (or shape by hand)
* A red food writer
* Small round fondant cutter or use opposite end of a frosting tip



Frost the cupcakes and then dip them in the crushed cookie mix until covered. You can either form your own toppers by hand or you can use some chocolate molds to make them faster and smoother!

To make the baseball you can use a small fondant circle cutter or just use one of the bigger ends of your frosting tips! Draw on the baseball seams with the red food writer. Round #10 by Wilton should be a good one for small circles.



baseball molds
Baseball Molds for Decorating



Easy Baseball Cupcakes


Baseball Cupcakes

How to Make Them


*Chocolate Frosting
* Large round frosting tip
* White fondant
* Red food writer
* Medium size round fondant cutter


You can use any frosting or even tips of your choice; I chose chocolate to match the cupcake and a simple round frosting tip. Roll out the white fondant and then cut out circles to make the baseballs. Use the red food writer to draw on baseball seams. Place on the cupcake!



Chocolate Baseball and Mitt Cupcakes



Baseball Cupcakes

How to Make Them


Here’s what you need:
*White chocolate (for baseballs)
*Brown fondant (for baseball mitt)
* Red frosting (baseball seams)
* Small round writing tip #1 by Wilton or other similar (to draw seams)
* Round chocolate molds and small baseball mitt mold
* Vanilla wafers (to make sand)
* White frosting (beneath sand)



Make the baseball toppers by pouring melted white chocolate into round molds. Set aside to cool and once cool they should pop out, if not stick them in the freezer and try again.

Draw on the baseball seams using a small round icing tip with red frosting. This is the hard part, take your time and go slow. Set them aside to dry out.

I made the baseball mitt by hand and you can too or you can also find a small mold to speed it up. Use a clipart image or another image to guide you if making by hand. You really only need a few of them. Another option is to use some baseball theme cookie cutters to help you with the mitt or any other design you’d like with the baseball theme.

Once your edible toppers are done, crush up Vanilla Wafers to make the sand consistency and then add to frosted cupcakes by dipping each one in the cookie mixture. Place your toppers onto the cupcakes!



Baseball Cupcakes with White Chocolate Ball








Edible Image Baseball Cupcakes



Edible Topper Decorations on Baseball Cupcakes





How to Make Them


* Vanilla Wafers (for sand)
* Edbilble cupcake baseball image/topper



Pop an edible image onto frosted cupcake or in this case, cookie crumb covered and then you’re done.



Baseball Cupcakes



Baseball Cupcake Picks


You can make your own cupcake picks using colored paper. This one was made to resemble a baseball field.




Fondant Bat and Baseball on Green




Fondant Baseball Bat and Ball Cupcake



Use a mold to make the bat or just roll it out by hand. A small circle fondant cutter was used to make the ball. Red food writer was also used to draw on the baseball seams.







Baseball Cupcakes


Baseball Cupcakes Fondant



This one uses a fondant baseball. The seams were drawn on with a red food writer.




Edible Baseball Decoration


Baseball Cupcakes Edible Image






More Fondant Baseball Decorations

Baseball Mitt and Flag Cupcakes




If your handwriting is as bad as mine is maybe you should stay away from the flag! ;-) You could also just print out a flag and use it as a pick.



Baseball Bat and Glove Cupcake Toppers


Baseball Bat and Glove Cupcake



Edible Baseball Cupcake Tops


Edible Image Baseball



The same edible image with wrapper and frosting.



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