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Army Cupcakes

Army Cupcakes


Find some army cupcakes on this page and get ready for an army theme party to show your love for that person in the military.


Take a look at the fun possibilities from grenade cupcakes, military tanks, army men and simple stars!





Camouflage Army Cupcakes


Grassy Camouflage Army Cupcakes




How to Make Them

* Tip #233 from Wilton/ grassy tip
* 2 to 3 different hues of green frosting
* Green icing gel
* Vanilla icing
* Edible image military topper

Begin by adding your green icing gel to the frosting to get the desired shade, set this one aside and then work on the next one.
Frost the cupcakes with first frosting by filling in almost the entire cupcake. Leave a few bare spots so you can fill them in with the other color. Once done with the first batch, repeat with the next shade of green. You can use several different shades if desired to give a better camouflage look.

Add your edible image by sitting flat or tipping it so it sits vertically.








How to Make Grenade Cupcakes


Grenade Cupcakes

These will look cool sitting next to tanks, military boots or other cute cupcakes with the military theme. They’re not hard to make, it just requires time due to the small details on the grenade.

Here’s how to make them. You’ll need the following:

* Green icing gel
* Black icing gel
* White fondant
* Nilla Wafer cookies (crush with rolling pin to make the sand)
* Vanilla or light colored frosting (for the base)
* Medium oval fondant cutter or circular cutter can also be used
* Leaf cutting set or cookie cutter (optional)
* Small round fondant cutter and round frosting tip that’s slightly bigger or smaller

Begin by adding green icing gel to the white fondant and mix well. Note: You may want to wear some gloves while mixing the fondant with gel to keep your hands from getting stained. Add a little bit of black (little by little) to get the green to be a darker shade.

How to Make Cute Grenade Cupcakes

Next, roll out the fondant and then cut out your main grenade body by using the oval cutter to help. If using a circular cutter, take the piece that you’ve cut and stretch it out to make it into an oval shape.

Next, take a knife and score the grenade to make the signature markings. This takes a little time, but it will get easier after you’ve made the first one.

Next, you need the silvery, gray piece of the grenade. To make this one add a tiny speck of black icing gel to the white fondant and mix well.

Cut out an L shaped piece and then a long curve. To make the curve you can use a leaf shaped fondant cutter or you can simply cut a curve by hand.

To make the circle for the grenade you just need to use the same gray fondant and punch out small circles and then use the opposite end of round frosting tip to punch out the middle. Crush the Nilla Wafers with a food processor or with a rolling pin and then place in a bowl. Dip your frosted cupcakes into your mixture.

Arrange your grenade decorations on the “sandy” cupcake.




Military Tank Cupcakes


Military Tank Cupcakes

What You Need to Make Them

* Green Icing Gel
* Black Icing Gel
* White Fondant
* Nilla Wafers (for sandy texture)
* Vanilla or light frosting (for the base)
* Rectangular or square cookie or fondant cutters

These are super easy and would be nice for a kid’s birthday party with the military theme. To make the fondant this color you’ll add green and black together (start in small amounts) to get the desired color.

Roll out the dark green fondant until smooth and then cut the base of the army tank with a square or rectangular shape cutter. Do the same for the top smaller piece. Use a cutting tool to cut your pieces so they’ll fit your cupcake. Do the same for the long cannon part of the tank.

Assemble on frosted and “sanded” cupcakes.




Army Soldier Cupcakes


Soldier Army Cupcakes

How to Make Them

You Need:
* Vanilla frosting
* Brown icing gel (to tint frosting)
* White fondant
* Green icing gel
* Black icing gel
* Yellow icing gel (for fondant star shapes)
* Black frosting (mix black icing gel with vanilla frosting)
* Small star shape fondant/plunger cutters
* Small and large round plunger/cutters (to make military hats)
* Frosting tip # 4 (facial features)

These army cupcakes will be a big hit at a birthday party. First, frost the base of the cupcake. Add the brown icing gel (little by little) to your vanilla frosting to give it a flesh tone. Frost cupcakes and then set aside.

Add the green icing gel to white fondant to get a bright green color. Add a little bit of black icing gel to get the army green color. Roll out the fondant and then use the circular cutters to cut out the helmets. Each piece should be able to make 2 helmets by simply cutting them in half. You may want to shape them a little more by tugging each end so they can fit your cupcakes.

Add the yellow icing gel to white fondant to prepare to make the stars on the helmet. Roll this out and then use the star shape plunger/cutter to get the stars and then place them on the helmets.

Army Cupcakes

To Make the Eyes

Roll out the white fondant and use a small, round cutter to cut the whites of the eyes out. Use an even smaller round cutter to cut out the black of the eyes from black fondant (you can use opposite end of small round frosting tip to do this).

Draw the Nose and Mouth

Use a round frosting tip like #4 with black frosting to draw on the nose and mouth.

Use the left over fondant from the helmet to make the long helmet strap!


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Army Helmet Cupcakes


Army Helmet Cupcakes

How to Make Them

* Small, round chocolate/candy molds (measures 1 inch across)
* White fondant
* Green icing gel
* Black icing gel
* Vanilla frosting
* Star shape plunger (small)
* Yellow icing gel (to make yellow fondant for stars)
* Wilton Tip #2D

This one didn’t go exactly as planned. It looks more like a ball with stars surrounding it! The helmet needs a rim or some tiny edible glitter stars on it and then it might look more like a real helmet.

Take your dark green fondant and place inside your round, candy mold to get the helmet shape. Pull it out and place onto frosted cupcake. This one was frosted with #2D frosting tip by Wilton.

Use a star plunger to cut out your yellow stars and place around the cupcake to decorate.




Army Cupcakes – Dog Tags


Dog Tag Army Cupcakes

How to Make It

You Need:
* Silver edible sugar pearls/beads
* Black fondant
* Gray fondant
* Cutting tool (to write on name or message)
* Small, rectangular or square shape cookie cutters or fondant cutter
* Wilton Tip #2D (to frost)

Use the square cutter to cut out your dog tags (the bigger one is black) and the smaller one is from the gray color. Place lighter color on top of the black cut out and then write in your message using a knife or cutting tool.

Add the silver sugar pearls to one side so they look like a chain.





Yellow Star Cupcakes


Army Camouflage Cupcakes

* Star shape cookie cutter
* Yellow fondant
* Medium green, dark green fondant
* Round cookie cutter
* Frosting tip #2D for base
* Green and black icing gel (to tint frosting and fondant)

Mix medium green and dark green fondant to make the camouflage look of these. Roll it out and punch out the circles. Lay on top of frosted cupcakes. Roll out the yellow fondant and use a star shape cookie cutter to punch out the stars!

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