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Alien Cupcakes and Space Theme Decorations

Do you want to make some cute or spooky looking alien cupcakes for a fun alien theme party?

Get inspired by taking a look at some cool toy story cupcakes or learn to make your own cupcake decorations and toppers for these whimsical or spooky cupcakes!

Toy Story Alien Cupcakes

Toy Story Green Alien Cupcakes

Toy Story Aliens by Meringue Bake Shop

Have you always had a weird fascination with aliens or do you know someone who does?

If you are throwing a themed alien party for them, then now is your chance to get your dessert menu in gear!

Below are some super cute ideas for alien cupcakes. Have fun and eat cupcakes!

Take Me to Your Leader!

Green Alien Cupcakes

Green Alien Cupcake Designs by George Ross

Make your own cupcakes just like these cute outer space aliens. Use tin foil for your cupcake wrapper. Bake some little mini cupcakes and then sit them (upside down) on top of the bigger cupcake to make these ones.

Tint the frosting using green food coloring to get a bright green look. Add the antennas and some candy eyes for a whimsical alien design!

Remember that you can also create your own handmade cupcake toppers or decorations!

Find pictures on clipart or draw your own little green men or space ships.

Cupcake Decorations to Make Your Own Aliens

Green Alien Cupcakes Toppers

Decorate your cupcakes or cake with little green men cupcake decorations. These funny and creepy designs will spruce up a plain cupcake and you don’t have to worry about your decorating skills!

How to Make Them

All you need is a round hole punch as well as a punch with a scalloped edge. These images from the toppers are actually from clipart! Punch them out and then use a toothpick to attach.

I’ll do a tutorial on this very soon!

The One Eyed Space Man

One Eyed Space Man Cupcake

Supplies Needed

  • Wilton tip # 3
  • Wilton tip #12
  • Wilton tip #224 (optional)

  • This one was super easy and fun to make (and eat!). There are four different colors involved in this cupcake so set aside 2 large batches and then one smaller batch of frosting in white. To get the black color you can purchase a tube of black frosting at your local grocery or craft store. 

    Add some red food coloring to make your first batch pink or whatever color you want for the base. Then add some green food coloring to another batch for your alien face.

    Frost the bottom with your pink frosting. Then use green frosting with Wilton tip #3 to outline the green face and then fill in and then frost to make it even but be careful not to go over your face line.

    Green Alien Cupcake-One Eye

    Next, you can use a larger round tip like Wilton #12 to make the one eyeball from your white frosting. Then use Wilton #224 to form the black part of the eye and Wilton #3 for the mouth with your tube of ready made black frosting!

    If you don’t want to buy the optional star tip, you can just use #3 again for the eyeball part.

    Have fun!

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