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4th of July Cupcakes

Here you will find ideas to make some creative 4th of July Cupcakes for your next big celebration or any other patriotic holiday. While you are preparing for the festivities, don’t forget to add the most important part to the party- the dessert! View some of the cupcake decorating ideas below.

Fourth of July Cupcake Ideas

4th of July Cupcakes

How to Make Them

  • Blue fondant or white fondant and blue icing gel
  • White Frosting
  • Red Frosting
  • Wilton frosting tip #14
  • Small star shaped cookie cutter

Get ready to see stars and stripes with these easy to make patriotic cupcakes. First, you need to frost the cupcake white. Then you will use tip # 14 which is a small star shape to run the red frosting across the cupcake to make the stripes. Make enough to cover the cupcake but not too many that you won’t see your white underneath.

After you have added your stripes then comes the fun part- playing with fondant. This is surprisingly very easy to work with and makes decorating easier so have some fun with it.

You can either buy blue fondant or just get white and then a blue icing gel to tint it blue. To tint the fondant add some of your icing gel with a clean toothpick little by little and then knead until the color is distributed evenly.

You may have to knead the blue a few times to get it to be the right shade you are looking for.

Roll out your fondant flat and then get your star shape cookie cutter and start cutting out stars. Add it to the top of your cupcake and you are done! Note: the cookie cutter is not necessary but it makes cutting out the fondant faster and helpful if you are making a lot of them. You can also cut it out using a sharp knife.

Fourth of July Explosion Cupcake

4th of July Cupcakes Hearts

How to Make Them

  • Blue Frosting
  • White Frosting
  • Red Frosting
  • Wilton frosting tip #233 and # 3

These are some crazy looking cupcakes but they look cute when you bunch them with some others. Use tip #233 to make the grassy look and just work your way outward using whichever color you like the best. Once you are finished you just need to add the heart on top with round tip #3. You can also use fondant to make a heart shape or the number 4.

Patriotic Cupcakes

4th of July Hat and Fireworks

For these you will need frosting tips # 224 and tip #14 as well as blue fondant. Roll out your fondant and cut out the hat shape. This one was obtained by doing a search for 4th of July hat via clipart. Cut out your picture (size as needed to fit your cupcake) and use it as a template.

Add the stripes on your hat with red and white icing and then add to your frosted cupcake.

The 4th of July Cupcakes Collection

Patriotic Cupcakes Collection

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